Hip Preservation for Everyone

Hip Preservation For Everyone

If you are a human being, you have probably endured some bout of pain or discomfort in your hip(s). Trust me (I am a nurse, but we'll get to that at a later date), you are NOT alone. 

In our Hip Preservation clinic in Dallas, Texas we see humans just like you from across this planet. There are a menagerie of hip disorders that create not only pain in the hip area, but that may also lead to unforeseen and often unrecognized consequences. The interconnectedness of our body and its systems is endlessly intriguing, but maybe even more so it is frustrating to suffer without an answer.

A theme that I have observed among many a person that I have had the pleasure to help care for is that a hip problem is usually not JUST a hip problem. When it becomes difficult to move your body it is difficult being a human being. My aim and privilege is to help others as a guide through this time where pain keeps them from being who they can and want to be, and giving them hope that there is something good waiting for them. This serves as a guide to my writing.

From post to post, you will find information from all aspects in the diagnostic and evaluation process, to conservative and surgical care. Further, it is my intent to tie all of this together with the human component of behavioral science.

My name is Lane Erickson and I am an Adult Health Clinical Nurse Specialist.

There are over 72,000 practicing Clinical Nurse Specialists in the United States that positively effect healthcare in a variety of settings. Check out NACNS.org if you want to learn more about this amazing group of healthcare professionals!

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist, I am uniquely prepared for clinical expertise. I just so happen to work alongside world-renowned experts in the field of Hip Preservation that push innovation in diagnosis and treatment for hip pathology. From time to time I will be expounding upon the findings and work done at our center, led by Dr Hal D Martin and his amazing team of researchers.

This endeavor is to share information that may help both healthcare providers as well as those suffering from hip pain and its associated symptoms. However, this writing is not intended for self-diagnostic purposes. As complicated as pain can become, diagnosing and treatment is best left to the professionals in an ongoing and trusting relationship. 

In our best and in our worst selves, we all need one another. 

In light of this, I want to know what you have to say. Feel free to send a message with your thoughts, questions you may have, or encouragement for those suffering from hip pain.